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Introduce our company


I started my upholsterer studies in 1976. Since 1985 I have worked as an upholsterer in a part-time job. I passed the upholsterer master's exam in 1990. I am accomplishing the orders as an individual entrepreneur from 1992.


We undertake old and new furniture upholster and repair their timber construction. We undertake making new furniture with our joiner's help.

We repair the furnitures with natural substances, (furniture spring, vegetable horsehair, horsehair, white wad) as the original makers of the furniture made this. We also use modern material and technology next to the traditional method.

We have a lot of different textile, textile leather and real leather, you may select the suitable material at location.

We give an offer after the state of the furniture at location. The work survey is free of charge.

Our purpose

Our fundamental aim more exacting serving, qualitative work and maximum satisfaction of clients and the unique claims higher-level accomplishment.

Traditional build-up:

Szék Karos szék